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I define myself as a Visual Artist, Curator, Educator, Muralist and Cultural Activist.  


In my journey I became a Classroom teacher, University Administrator, Faculty member & Student Affairs, Unit Head; a Grants Developer & Institution builder of Cultural organizations; a Collaborator and Mentor.  I endeavored to integrate my creativity into service and the beautification of my community.  My mission is inspired and ignited by the intellectual thrust and purpose of the Black Arts Movement.  My commitment, as an artist, is to examine, elevate, and speak to what is beautiful, whole and authentic within my community.  


My art is ritual, an attempt to express highter interpretations of life.  My work is expressed in both realistic and symbolic forms, in an effort to inform the viewer, of a cultural continuum.  

I create art through the manipulation of form, design, color, assemblage and collage. 


Arlene Turner Crawford


Arlene is pictured with AfriCOBRA artists: Napoleon Jones Henderson, Adger Cowens, Dr. Michael Harris, Nelson Stevens & Dr. Ron Anderson 

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